Mushroom Founders is a collection of 500 NFTs, unique digital collectibles living on the blockchain. Your Mushroom Founders acts as your access card to Mushroom ProtocolThe funds obtained from the sale of the collection will allow us to develop our protocol and finance the innovation of Latam scientists. As the collection is sold, various functions related to the usefulness of the NFT, Staking and FungiDAO will be activated


The initial sale has not started yet. We will soon deploy minting on Internet Computer.


«Mushroom Founders» NFT collection tells the story of 500 extraterrestrial mushrooms, who managed to escape the technological cataclysm that devastated their home 10 eons ago. 

Each NFT possesses a unique specialty, which is vital in their mission to spread knowledge and guide civilizations of the universe to a path of balance and harmony as a form of redemption.

As they travel the universe in their ships, they become the disseminators of transcendental knowledge.

Their skills are testament to the incredible adaptation of their species, forged by the fusion of biotechnology and blockchain. 

Their purpose is clear and resonant: to share their deep knowledge in biotechnology through a decentralized approach of millenary wisdoms obtained in their countless journeys. In their evolutionary path as nomads, they communicate the secret to reach the ecotechnological threshold. 

Through various alliances with others, they root the way throughout the vastness of the universe.

The Founders are the saviors of the fateful latent future of the irresponsible use of technology. Each of these fungi possesses a unique specialty that gives them a vital role in the development of priority areas.


Alchemists capable of controlling the chemical elements in the soil and the resource extraction.


Cell biologists capable of curing diseases with nanotechnology and advanced medicine.


Harvesters of fields that ensure the prosperity and nourishment of natural resources.


Upcyclers dedicated to caring for the environment and the relationship with nature.


Synthetic energy manipulators that use data and technology to benefit us.


Become a founder of Mushroom Protocol with your NFT and help us revolutionize biotech development


- You will receive 25 $FUNGI tokens before listing on the market.
- IP-NFT of the first research batch.


Early access to the Mushroom Protocol DeFi services and Metaverse.


Stake Mushroom Founders NFT
and get $FUNGI token rewards.


Vote and monitor the development of project progress on the FungiDAO.


We have set some goals for ourselves. Once we reach a target sales percentage, we will begin working to achieve the established goal.

20% – MVP implementation.

40% – Open Launchpad and IP-NFTs marketplace.

60% – $FUNGI Token issuance.

80% – Early access to Mushroom Protocol Services.

90% – FungiDAO and governance.

100% – $FUNGI Token  pre-sale.


The «Mushroom Founders» NFT collection is available on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) and Polygon networks, which offer interoperability with the Ethereum network. The Founders are stored as DIP-721 and ERC-1155 tokens. 

Each founder is unique and is generated randomly at the time of minting. 

25 Founders are excluded from the sale. These will be used for giveaways, rewards, and creator memberships.

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Finances the biotechnology companies of tomorrow, contributes to their growth and promotes the advancement of science in Latin America.

Mushroom Founders: hope for connecting the sustainable future.

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